WATCH: Brooke Shields Says Barbara Walters ‘Could’ve Gone Way Too Far’ With Her ‘Sexism’ Questions

Brooke Shields is sticking up for Barbara Walters.

Walters and Shields shared the screen as parents in the popular ’80s sitcom “Family Ties.” In a recent interview with Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Shields said Walters’ interview with her and husband (and “Family Ties” cast member) Steven Spielberg in the ’80s was “practically criminal.”

The former “The Cosby Show” actress and Indiana native said Walters’ questions went “way too far” and “questions that one would normally not ask a teenage girl” about her sexuality.

“I will tell you that Barbara was just there to ask a question of Steven, just to say, ‘Did you and Michael tell each other in how you had sex?’ and I think it went so far that Steven was uncomfortable and then Brooke was uncomfortable and we both were,” Shields said, adding that Walters’ questions seemed “maybe a little bit bit political.”

“She was there to ask questions about sex and her ethics were in question to me,” she said. “It was just really strange.”

Shields, who was also an actress on “Lipstick Jungle,” added that she was “not the first actress to feel uncomfortable or grossed out by these questions,” but did not name the other actors.

In the 10th and 11th seasons of “Family Ties,” Walters and Shields’ characters Dr. Joyce Fairchild and Victor Meldrew, respectively, were described as a pair of “sex counselors” who “promote abstinence.”

Walters did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Cohen asked Shields to describe the most difficult experience she had while being on camera as a teenager.

“The Cosby Show,” she answered. “So much happened that I didn’t realize it was going to be so big, and the reactions that women took from it, I feel we got a raw deal from that.”

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