Uber warns of higher prices and longer wait times after Toronto ruling

Uber and other taxi apps are warning of higher prices and longer wait times after Toronto’s ruling to freeze new licence applications.

“We’re talking about the first thing Uber wanted to offer, which is their service in a city,” said Josh Tabish, Uber’s communications director. “They made it impossible to do that.”

Toronto’s Ombudsman issued a rare veto of two decisions by city council in a case of “abuse of power” to frustrate the ride-sharing app’s development.

Tabish said Uber has not experienced any effects on its business as yet, but that “ultimately we do think that prices will go up, people will wait longer for cars and the cars will not be as reliable.”

Toronto isn’t the only Canadian city where Uber has met with roadblocks. TransLink, the regional transit authority, has been trying to control Uber in Vancouver for the past year.

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