Tom Holland to play Fred Astaire in new biopic

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Tom Holland stars as the younger version of Will Smith as James Brown in set for 25th biopic film

Tom Holland is set to play movie star Fred Astaire in a new biopic, a descendant of the dance legend has confirmed.

The Sun reports Holland will portray the legendary dancer at an earlier age, in the mid-1930s.

The teenager star will also feature as a young James Brown in Tom Hardy’s upcoming film, a report on IMDB says.

Hardy will portray the Godfather of Soul in biopic I Am Legend, due for release later this year.

I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence has also signed up to co-direct this remake.

Holland himself has starred in a number of British films including 2016’s The Night Before , which co-starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt .

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Actor Marlon Wayans will star as Astaire in his new film (pictured), Pascual Reyes has been cast as Astaire’s co-star Ginger Rogers, and Ross Schechter will play Russian choreographer Serge Diaghilev.

Astaire’s steps with Rogers and British film-maker Michael Powell’s acclaimed ballet, The Merry Widow, will be recreated as the film looks at the early work of Astaire in Hollywood.

The new film is based on Astaire’s love of dancing and hopes to capture the dancers’ work ethic.

Scenes in the new film include Astaire teaching dance and Rogers asking Astaire: “Is that what they say?”

The Middletons and Victoria Beckham

Wayans said: “This is a long time coming. Michael and my relationship has gone as far back as 1988 with Back to Nature and we will be on the same page again.”

Astaire died in 1976 and that year Wade Robson accused Robert Wagner of sexually abusing him when he was seven years old.

After Robson called for an investigation of Wagner’s conduct, four of Wagner’s stepchildren sued him, claiming that the allegations were libelous.

The dispute remains ongoing in Los Angeles court.

While Wade Robson has had to acknowledge that he was abused by his stepfather, Victoria Beckham has protested that she was not abusive towards her sons, Brooklyn and Romeo.

Holland’s role in I Am Legend was recently announced by Warner Bros

Tom Hardy said he was “thrilled” to be working with Warner Bros on the film.

The actor, who is also signed up to play Harry Callaghan in Marvel’s Fantastic Four reboot, said: “I want to thank Mr. Evans, who I’ve always admired for taking on the role of Brown.”

Image copyright Warner Bros Image caption Hardy stars as Al Capone in the forthcoming Christopher Nolan film

The release date for I Am Legend is set for a date in November

At the premiere for I Am Legend, Hardy said: “I have so much respect for Will as an actor and the man for not just working, but staying true to the spirit of Brown by pursuing his passion for music and theatre”.

The movie, to be released in the US on 24 December 2020 and a week later in the UK, will also feature Meryl Streep as Fannett Smith, and star Malcolm McDowell as Sidney Greenstreet.

“The hardest part will be getting everyone into an action sequence,” Hardy said of the film.

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