Emojipedia’s top 50 metonyms of 2018

At the beginning of every year, analysts at the analytic service Emojipedia assign a value to every emoji in English. This helps advertisers and analysts alike by more closely equipping them with a quick reference to the most used emoji each year.

This year, there were a total of 2,155 emojis, and of those, 2,031 used metonyms. The following table showcases the most common metonyms, plus the estimated total of emoji present in usage.

Thanks to the surge in popularity of the new emojis in recent years, these numbers are likely to increase.

As with most data in the world of digital technology, this varies from vendor to vendor. For example, the services used by Emojipedia have not yet been widely adopted in the workplace. In 2019, when the entire emoji library will be available in Google Keyboard, you can be sure these values will shift.

About the author:

*Paula Fretz, an advertising veteran, currently works as a freelance content manager and marketer for companies including FAIRFAX Media, FT, HARPO, McGraw Hill Financial, Fortune, Boston Globe and other leading companies.

Source: Emojipedia

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