Defense to Make Closing Arguments in Elizabeth Holmes’ ‘Scandal’ Trial

Scandal-plagued Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes’ defense has rested, and closing arguments begin Tuesday morning.

Prosecutors claim Holmes, 33, stole $700 million from investors and consumers in an attempt to revolutionize the blood testing industry.

Prosecutors say Holmes and co-founder Rajiv Malik took the company’s investors for a ride, including former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

While the prosecution argues Holmes claimed the company could do blood tests on a consumer’s finger prick, the court has never seen a Theranos finger prick. At no point in the trial did the defense dispute that investors could have pushed for tests.

They argue Theranos touted a far more impressive proof of concept, showing patients that they could do drug tests and other medical tests that cost millions of dollars.

Much of the evidence was brought in by Holmes’ former lawyer, John Gilligan, a veteran Silicon Valley litigator who had high regard from the prosecution.

In November 2017, Holmes told Megyn Kelly that she wanted to “set the record straight” on Theranos after what many say was a relentless public relations campaign on her behalf by Wall Street money managers.

She wanted to set the record straight on @MegynKelly tonight. Here’s a sneak peek. A jury is still deciding whether the infamous billionaire lied about her health and health care company and other major health care scandals. Posted by Megyn Kelly on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

I still stand by the beautiful #Theranos story. But you can’t have integrity & honesty by lying & cheating. I’m #OctoberMonthsTuesday, y’all. — Elizabeth Holmes (@elizabethhcor) October 9, 2017

Holmes testified that the company had no employees it knew of who “were paid off to do things against what their conscience told them to do.”

“My personal conscience didn’t work with my company,” she said.

Michael Bloomberg, a science entrepreneur and philanthropist who is also on trial, will be the prosecution’s final witness.

Closing arguments are expected to begin at 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning in Oakland, California.

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