Chanel Christmas advent calendar: Offensive clip online on plastic toy

A popular advent calendar created by the cosmetic brand Chanel caught online attention, after a number of reviewers vented their anger that the gift hamper included a TikTok toy.

Chanel has since issued an apology in a series of tweets, assuring customers that no cross product lines were planned.

A spokesperson for the brand said: “The Chanel collection of Christmases is a well-known advertising technique on different platforms and it has always been an innocent and honest gift-giving concept with the main goal to communicate a message of love.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see what people were saying about Chanel’s poorly designed Advent Calendar.

Chanel issues an apology after their advent calendar which included a plastic TikTok toy, upset some customers [Twitter]

Chanel Christmas advent calendar [Chanel]

Chanel ‘wild party’s’ UK launch: How to get your hands on the chic must-have [Instagram]

Chanel: including an ACTUAL stretchy plastic child’s gadget [Twitter]

Chanel calendar made completely out of cotton – with a spatula – allegedly mine whilst ordering what looks like a non-stick cooking plate with #TikTok tucked under the dishwasher at the bottom [Chanel]

Is it plastic or a solid white shoe plate?! Just in case you missed the fashion statement. #Chanel advent calender [Chanel]

TikTok Santa doll in Chanel advent calendar [Chanel]

i hated christmas when I was an obnoxious little girl – Chanel release of ‘festive gift’ “IF YOU WANT ME THIS CHRISTMAS DUMMY” is the equivalent – AND IT’S NOT FAIR! is this the lowest you can go? how can these people expect people to buy their ridiculous crap? the irony in all this… ? [Chanel]

Chanel’s advent calendar include a mobile toy called TikTok [Twitter]


Chanel Advent Calendar in pink dusters? [Twitter]

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