Brampton shooting: Police identify two suspects in shooting

Image copyright @iamchaybutler Image caption Responding officers and paramedics witnessed the shooting

Ontario police have identified the two men shot dead near Peel Region in Brampton on Wednesday night.

Witnesses told local TV that they saw the pair with guns outside a store before they were confronted by responding officers.

That’s when one of the men fired several shots at the officers before they returned fire, police said.

So far police have not said if they are a suspect in the shooting.

On Thursday afternoon, Peel Regional Police’s Chief Jennifer Evans said she was meeting with the victims’ families to help them cope with their loss.

“Today, I met with the families of the victims to discuss the outcome of last night’s events and provide them with our condolences,” Chief Evans said in a statement.

“I can’t fathom how any parent can go through this,” she said.

Earlier, Chief Evans said her officers would “remain vigilant” even though the suspects had not been identified.

“Tonight, I want to appeal directly to anyone with information that can help investigators identify the two suspects who caused this tragedy,” she said.

“If you have any information that could lead us to find these men, please help us.”

A woman living across the street said she heard a commotion outside her neighbour’s house.

“I saw a row of police cars outside and heard three or four shots,” she told BBC News.

“That’s it.”

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