Alana Haim’s song ‘Licorice Pizza’ has been used in movie trailers, but her story is worth telling

In perhaps the most anticipated representation of women of color in a traditionally male-dominant film industry, Alana Haim — whose band Haim debuted on the music scene in 2014 — debuts as a dramatic lead actress in the upcoming film A Kid Like Jake, directed by Silas Howard (Gran Torino).

In a recent Q&A in New York, the singer/songwriter was asked what it was like to appear alongside her bandmates in the film, since that has never happened before on-screen:

“It was so weird. One minute we were in the trailer doing our shot, which consisted of just us in our flatpack framework of clothing. The next minute, here come [director Silas Howard] coming around in full costume, his amazing co-star Scarlett Johansson, standing in the box with us. And then suddenly people started walking in and it was weird. It was a very surreal moment that really doesn’t happen often in your life.”

To learn more about the movie, click on the link above.

“Licorice Pizza” comes to theaters on Nov. 30.

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