Activists rally outside committee hearing for Brett Kavanaugh

It’s no secret that Rep. Mark Meadows, R-North Carolina, can go toe-to-toe with his fellow House Freedom Caucus conservatives. But this morning he’s starting the 2019-2020 session of Congress with the first Senate confirmation fight in Washington.

A day before President Donald Trump is set to nominate former State Department staffer Kevin Vincent to the State Department’s second-in-command, the congressman said he would sue the House Judiciary Committee — even after its leader Steve King vowed to gavel the committee into contempt proceedings this week if the chamber didn’t finish voting on his nomination by this week.

Meadows filed a “declaratory judgment” case Tuesday against Judge Robert D. Lasnik of the Eastern District of North Carolina, who a few weeks ago threw out an indictment against the congressman related to his associations with a white nationalist group.

The notice comes one day after Meadows told reporters he had spoken to several minority members of the House Judiciary Committee about the upcoming contempt hearings and that they didn’t want to see it happen.

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